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Queensville-Sharon Community Group


Review, evaluate and make recommendations to Council regarding community engagement and the organization of Special Events.


The composition shall be a minimum of 5 members.

  • Organize, promote, and host a variety of community events that enhances community interaction and inclusiveness.
  • Advise and assist Council on all matters related to community engagement, events and festivals.
  • Provide Council with a list of dates and times for the upcoming year’s events.
  • Make recommendations on policies and actively support and promote community engagement including special community events.
  • Liaise with other existing community groups to obtain advice and ideas with respect to ongoing operations and events.
Terms of Reference

To view the Community Group's Terms and Reference, please click here.

Meeting Frequencies

To be determined.

Agendas and Minutes

To view the Community Group's Agendas and Minutes, please click here.

Please be advised that Community Groups are not required to have formal Agendas and Minutes.

Councillor Liaison

Councillor Roy-DiClemente
Councillor Persechini

Staff Liaison

To be determined

Community Group Members

Mahmoud Badran
Huong Curtis
Thomas (Tom) Horsely
Aida Kostuck
Jonathan Shaw
Bri-anne Swan