Pound Keeper


The Pound Keeper carries out the duties assigned under the Pounds Act and assists in its enforcement.

The Pound Keeper shall provide sufficient yards and enclosures for the safekeeping of animals he/she may impound.

Composition Minimum 1
Roles and Responsibilities

Section 2 of the Pounds Act states:

The owner or occupant of any land is responsible for any damage caused by any animal under the person’s charge and keeping as though such animal were the person’s own property, and the owner of any animal not permitted to run at large by the by-laws of the municipality is liable for any damage done by such animal, although the fence enclosing the premises of the complainant was not of the height required by such by-laws. R.S.O. 1990, c. P.17, s. 2.

Terms of Reference Pounds Act
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Staff Liaison Tara Lajevardi
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