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Committee of Adjustment


The Committee of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body that is required to adhere to the provisions outlined in the Planning Act.

Composition Composition shall be a minimum of 5 members.

The Committee of Adjustment is established to consider and make decisions on applications from property owners or agents on for the following:

  • Minor Variances from the provisions of the Zoning By-law;
  • Extensions, enlargements or variations of existing legal non-conforming uses under the Zoning By-law;
  • Land Division (severing a new lot from an existing lot, adding land to an existing lot, easements, mortgages or leases in excess of 21 years); and
  • Determine whether a particular use conforms with the provisions of the Zoning By-law where the uses of land, building or structures permitted in the by-law are defined in general terms.
Terms of Reference To view the Committee's Terms of Reference, please click here.
Meeting Frequencies

The Committee of Adjustment meets on the last Wednesday of every month  and the deadline for submitting applications is the first Wednesday of the month, with regular meetings taking place at 7 p.m. between the following months:

  • January to June
  • September to November

At the discretion of the Secretary-Treasurer, alternative meetings are to be held in the following months:

  • July
  • August
  • December

NOTE: Minimum of two (2) applications must be submitted prior to holding a hearing, subject to the discretion of the Secretary Treasurer.

Agendas and Minutes To view the Committee's Agendas and Minutes, please click here.
Staff Liaison Fernando Lamanna, Secretary-Treasurer
Committee Members

John La Chapelle
Brian McDonald
Michael Mendes
Jacqueline C. Rueping
Jennifer Smalley-Higgs
Jane Stevenson