Appeals Committee

Purpose The Appeals Committee is responsible for hearing appeals pursuant to the Town’s By-law Nos. 2006-023 (Property Standards), 2011-115 (Muzzling and Leashing of Vicious Dogs), 2005-027 (Licensing, Regulation and Governing of Taxicab Owners, Brokers and Drivers), and appeals pursuant to the Line Fences Act, R.S.O. 1990 Chapter L.17.
Composition Minimum 3, Maximum 5 
Roles and Responsibilities Members shall meet and deliberate as required by the legislation pursuant to which the by-laws referred to in Section 1 have been enacted, and when necessary in order to hear appeals pursuant to those by-laws
Terms of Reference N/A
Meeting Frequencies TBD
Minutes   N/A
Staff Liaison Jennifer Nichols
Committee Members

Ronald Bolognini
Aida Kostuck
Brian McDonald
Jane Stevenson
Sean Robichaud