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West Street Pumping Station Retrofit

What is the project?

The project is a retrofit of an outdated sewage pumping station. The new station will incorporate new pumps and a clean, quiet natural gas back up system to ensure the station continues to operate though any power disruptions. The new building to house the station will be around 18ft x 18ft.

When is the project?

The project will commence in mid-October and should finalize by summer of next year.

How is this project funded?

The Town of East Gwillimbury was awarded a grant from the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund for the purpose of underground infrastructure.

Why this site?

In 2012, building and operational standards had been updated for municipal pumping stations. West St. Pumping is approaching its end-of-life expectancy, as such will undergo a retrofit.

Notices and Studies

 West Street Pumping Station 

West Street Pumping Station location