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Protect your Trees: Gypsy Moth Egg Masses Removal

The European Gypsy Moth is a major forest pest that can eat up to one square metre of leaves defoliating trees making them more susceptible to disease and damage from other insects. It is very rare for gypsy moth caterpillars to kill a tree.

The Town is working with York Region to monitor the moths through designated sites. Residents are not required to report these to the Town.

What can residents do? 

Property owners are responsible for managing trees (and pests) on their property. Residents are encouraged to inspect their trees and take action to remove gypsy moth eggs masses, which will help reduce the risk of infestation.

If your trees have been effected by gypsy moths you may notice egg masses starting to form on your trees. To help prevent future damage follow these steps to remove egg masses:

  • Place your catchment container below the egg mass.
  • Use a scraper tool to remove the egg mass from the surface. Ensure that all eggs are scraped. Try not to leave any residual eggs in bark ridges or crevices.
  • Empty the contents of your catchment container or bag into a bucket of soapy water.
  • Leave the eggs sitting in the bucket for a day or two, then dispose of the contents in your green bin.

Egg Masses
Egg Masses

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