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Load Restrictions

The Town of East Gwillimbury has rules regarding the size and the weight of commercial vehicles permitted on its roadways. 

Seasonal Half Load Restriction

Every year, from Feb 1 to June 15, the Town may limit vehicle weights to a maximum of 5 tonnes per axle as per By-Law Number 2015-051 and Highway Traffic Act. 

Signs are posted on all roadways with seasonal weight restrictions.  These weight restrictions are anticipated to remain in effect until April 30, 2019.  Any changes to this timeframe will be posted on this site.

For Town roads designated under this by-law a special permit may be issued by the Town for the moving of heavier and/or larger loads. 

The following list outlines the specific roadways currently under seasonal half load restrictions effective March 1, 2019: 

Roadway  Limits 
Queensville Sdrd. Woodbine Ave. to Highway 48
Herald Rd.  Highway 48 to York Durham Line 
Garfield Wright Blvd. Woodbine Ave. to Bales Dr. East 
Bales Dr. East  Davis Dr. to north limit of Bales Dr. East 
Bales Dr. West  Davis Dr. to Garefield Wright Blvd.
Sluse Rd.  Oriole Dr. To north limit of Sluse Rd.
Oriole Dr. Sluse Rd. to Holland Landing Rd.
Albert St. West to King St.
Toll Rd. Entire limit of Toll Rd.
Centennial Ave. Toll Rd. to 180m north of Toll Rd.
Doane Rd. Centre St. to York-Durham Line
Centre St. Doane Rd. to 300m south of Doane Rd.
Princess St. Highway 48 to CN Tracks 
Bathurst St.  North of Queensville Sdrd.
Harry Walker Parkway Green Lane south to Newmarket Townline
Corcoran Crt. Entire limit of Corcoran Crt.

For further information please contact our Customer Service Centre at (905)-478-4282.

Weight Restriction Season exemptions

Most public utility and emergency vehicles are exempt. Other vehicles may also be exempted through a request made in writing to the Town. You need to tell us your route and the reason for needing an exemption. These vehicles include:

  • Liquid or gas heating fuel
  • Livestock feed
  • Poultry or milk
  • Vehicles operating on behalf of a municipality

Year Round Load Restriction  

Please be advised that the following roadways have a weight restriction for the entire year. 

Roadway  Limits 
Centre St. Queensville Sdrd. to Doane Rd.
Queensville Sdrd. Highway 48 to 300m west of York-Durham Line