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Town Logo


On April 16, 2019, Committee of the Whole Council was contemplating plans for the replacement of dilapidated and deteriorated signage throughout the Town. The replacement program has been under review for the past several years. However, during the deliberation, questions were raised as to whether the replacement program should be delayed to enable the creation of a Town logo as it would make financial sense to complete the logo updating exercise prior to the replacement of the signs.  

Council directed staff as follows.

  •  BE IT RESOLVED THAT Community Parks, Recreation and Culture Report CPRC2019-14, dated April 16, 2019, entitled "Community Entry Signs", be received; and
  • THAT Council direct staff to bring the report back at a May meeting with suggestions to proceed, including options for updating the Town logo; and
  • THAT Council endorse consolidating the previously approved entry feature capital projects under a new multi-year Capital project for 2020 as described in this report.

As the Town continues to grow and evolve, there is an opportunity to create a Town logo to complement the Town's official coat of arms and reflect the character of East Gwillimbury. The official coat of arms would continue to be an important part of the Town's culture, and would remain as the Official Seal of the Town and be utilized on formal documents and signs.

Town logo

Official Town Coat of Arms

Logos can provide a brand image that connect residents with their community, and they act as an icon for residents to be proud of. A logo can also be used to attract stakeholders, businesses, and tourists to a local community. It is the visual signifier for residents, and therefore, must be authentic and meaningful to residents. To ensure a successful process, staff are engaging in a comprehensive public engagement strategy for this exercise.

Cost-Saving Public Engagement Strategy

As part of Council’s strategic priority to be fiscally responsible, this project will focus on engaging East Gwillimbury residents, advisory committees, students and design community to explore options for creating a Town logo.

Many organizations bring in consultants, undertaking a lengthy process to update and rebrand. This can cost upwards of $100,000 to $200,000 for similar exercises and is not something the Town is pursuing.

By focusing on a cost-effective program, while engaging expertise readily available in the community, Council feels we can create a logo that residents will be proud of. Once a final logo is developed, staff will ensure the product meets print-standards and may engage a graphic designer as part of the process of creating the final, print-ready files for corporate use. These costs would be minimal and dependent on the final logo selection.


Typical timelines to undertake a municipal logo review and update can range from several months to a couple of years depending on the level of engagement and scope of the project.

April 2019

  • Kick off of public engagement strategy

May 2019​


Q3 2019

  • To ensure a timely but thorough process, staff will continue with public engagement strategy, and will report back to Council with a further update in Q3 2019

It is important to note, that the roll out of an updated logo would occur over a phased-in period, being incorporated as documents, signage and items require updating to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Get Involved!

Many municipalities hire consultants to conduct lengthy rebranding exercises, however, Council has requested our process be streamlined by engaging our community. We are therefore extending the opportunity to our community to provide feedback on the creation of a Town logo.

Residents can get involved in several ways:

1. Provide comments to the Town's Communications Team

​2. Submit a design concept. Items for consideration when creating the design:

  • The logo should utilize the Town's corporate colours (blue and green).
  • EG has become synonymous with East Gwillimbury, logos may use the acronym as the logo or within the logo itself.

3. Provide feedback on the logos received to date. Review the logo submissions here.