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Town Logo

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The Town of East Gwillimbury needs your help to finalize a Town logo. In the survey below you will see three options for a potential Town logo based on concepts as part of the October 2019 Logo Concept Contest. We are looking for resident feedback to help modify and develop a final logo. Feedback will be collected over the month of August, and then reviewed by Town staff. Once compiled a final report will be provided to Council in early Fall 2020 for review and potential selection of a Town logo. 

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As the Town continues to grow and evolve, there is an opportunity to create a Town logo to complement the Town's official coat of arms and reflect the character of East Gwillimbury. The official coat of arms would continue to be an important part of the Town's culture, and would remain as the Official Seal of the Town and be utilized on formal documents and signs.

Town logo

Official Town Coat of Arms 


On April 16, 2019 Community Parks, Recreation and Culture Report presented CPRC2019-14 regarding updating of Town signs to Committee of the Whole Council (CWC). During deliberations, questions were raised about the possibility of updating the Town’s logo prior to updating the signs. As a result Council requested that:

  •  BE IT RESOLVED THAT Community Parks, Recreation and Culture Report CPRC2019-14, dated April 16, 2019, entitled "Community Entry Signs", be received; and
  • THAT Council direct staff to bring the report back at a May meeting with suggestions to proceed, including options for updating the Town logo; and
  • THAT Council endorse consolidating the previously approved entry feature capital projects under a new multi-year Capital project for 2020 as described in this report.

Phase One – Public Feedback, April – September 2019

Phase One launched in April using the Town’s communication channels. Residents of all skill levels and backgrounds were invited to share their feedback on creating a Town logo and provide proposed design concepts for a logo. Staff received a great deal of feedback and a total of 18 design proposals.

Following the receipt of feedback and the design proposals, residents, Town staff, Council appointed committees, and local artists were then also invited to provide feedback on the submissions. Utilizing this feedback, an internal Town logo staff working group consisting of staff from a variety of departments, proposed launching a contest as a final opportunity for the public to submit a concept design to potentially become a Town logo.

Cost-Saving Public Engagement Strategy

As part of Council’s strategic priority to be fiscally responsible, this project will focus on engaging East Gwillimbury residents, advisory committees, students and design community to explore options for creating a Town logo.

Many organizations bring in consultants, and choose to undertake that process to update and rebrand. Instead, staff have undertaken this role internally to look at the branding process, consult with the public and now develop a resident design.

The roll out of an updated logo would occur over a phased-in period, being incorporated as documents, signage and items require updating to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

By focusing on a cost-effective program, while engaging expertise readily available in the community, Council feels we can create a logo that residents will be proud of. Once a final logo is developed, staff will ensure the product meets print-standards and may engage a graphic designer as part of the process of creating the final, print-ready files for corporate use. These costs would be minimal and dependent on the final logo selection.


Logo Concept Contest - October 1 - 31, 2019

The Town of East Gwillimbury held a logo concept contest last October to receive concept designs for a logo that will complement the Town's official Coat of Arms and reflect the character of East Gwillimbury. The contest was extremely successful receiving a total of 66 submissions from 23 designers. To ensure the contest was fair and allowed those with and without graphic design experience to participate, entries were able to be professional in nature or amateur concepts.

The successful entrant will be awarded a $2,500 prize for their design concept. The Town will own the rights to the design and may make any necessary modifications to the winning concept to ensure it meets the Town’s brand standards.

Concept Design Requirements

The following is a list of requirements developed from the Phase One public feedback process. Preference will be given to concept designs that meet the following standards:

  • The concept design should be formatted in a square shape
  • Text should include only “EG” or “East Gwillimbury” and should be easily identifiable
  • The concept design should use modern font
  • The concept design should be simple. It may include simple symbols or design elements, but should not incorporate too many elements or be busy in nature.
  • The concept design should incorporate the Town colours (navy blue and green)
  • The concept design should be separate from the Town crest
  • The concept design should reflect one of the following the culture and spirit of EG, a key landmark in the Town or the Town’s strategic priorities

The Winner

Submissions will be reviewed and a winner will be selected based on the above criteria. Once selected, the Town reserves the right to work with a professional graphic designer to develop print-ready files for Town use. The Town shall have the right to alter the initial design concept to create a final logo that is aligned with the Town’s corporate brand. Changes may include minor or major design changes, updates to colours, orientation etc. The winning concept will be reproduced for display in a variety of formats including online, print, clothing, and other visual mediums.

Legal Details

By submitting a concept design to the Town of East Gwillimbury you (the “Entrant”), agree to the following official contest rules:

  • All submitted work is the original work of the Entrant and shall not include, be based on, or derived from any pre-existing or third-party designs, trademarks, or copyrighted images.
  • The winning concept design will become the property of the Town of East Gwillimbury.
  • When submitting an entry, Entrants must complete the Entry Form, which
  • There is no limit to the number of entries per Entrant. However, each concept design must have a separate Entry Form completed with a full description.
  • Once the final concept designs are received Town staff will review each entry based on the criteria set out in the Design Requirement Section.
  • The Town reserves the right not to select and recommend a winner, if no suitable entries are received.
  • Any entries with offensive content will be excluded from the contest.


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