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Town Logo

Council Direction

On April 16, 2019 Council directed staff to look at options for updating the Town logo.

  • BE IT RESOLVED THAT Community Parks, Recreation and Culture Report CPRC2019-14, dated April 16, 2019, entitled "Community Entry Signs", be received; and
  • THAT Council direct staff to bring the report back at a May meeting with suggestions to proceed, including options for updating the Town logo; and
  • THAT Council endorse consolidating the previously approved entry feature capital projects under a new multi-year Capital project for 2020 as described in this report.

As we undergo this process, it is important to note that as part of the Town’s strategic priority and commitment to fiscal responsibility, Council have given direction to staff to ensure all costs are kept to a minimum and that staff engage our residents and community as the first step to exploring options for an updated logo.

Many organizations bring in consultants, undertaking a lengthy process to update and rebrand. We recognize that this can be a very costly exercise and is one the Town is not prepared to take on at this time. We would like to assure residents that this process will be focused on public engagement and costs will be kept minimal.

As we move forward, this is an opportunity to enhance our logo to be reflective of not only our history, but also to modernize and complement the design with a look that can take us into the future. We are most confident that we can do so in an efficient and cost effective manner. The Town coat of arms will remain an important part of our identity.

Current Logo


Town logo

As the Town continues to grow and evolve, Council wants to ensure that our Town logo continues to reflect the community. The official coat of arms seen above will continue to be an important part of the Town's culture, and will be remain on the Chain of Office and as the Official Seal of the Town as well as utilized other formal documents and signs.

Get Involved!

Many municipalities hire consultants to conduct lengthy rebranding exercises, however, Council has requested our process be streamlined by engaging our community. We are therefore extending the opportunity to our community to provide feedback on the current logo and what changes you would like to see. In addition, we would also welcome your design submission proposals to the Town's Communications Teamlinks to external site by May 5, 2019.

Staff will be working to develop a proposed logo taking into consideration all comments and design concepts received. All design submissions will first be reviewed by staff and will then be shared with the public for review. You will only be contacted if your submission is moved forward for public consultation

Design Criteria

Residents are welcome to submit a design concept that the Communications Team will review and develop into a final logo. Logos can be submitted in any format, and if selected, the Town reserves the right to work with a graphic designer to develop the concept into a working logo. The original creator will be credited.

Residents who have a graphic design background and would like to submit a completed logo package for consideration can contact the Communications team directly to discuss design parameters.

Items for consideration when creating the design:

  • The logo should utilize the Town's corporate colours (blue and green).
  • EG has become synonymous with East Gwillimbury, logos may use the acronym as the logo or within the logo itself.

Next Steps

The Communications Team will review all logo options on May 6, 2019. Following an initial review, the Town may work with a designer to develop concepts into complete logos. As the process moves forward, the logo will be presented to the public for review.

​Future Implementation

The Town will begin to roll out the new logo as documents, signage and items require updating.