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Thinking Green! Development Standards Program

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In February of 2012 Council endorsed the Town’s first iteration of the TGDS Program. The TGDS Program was created to improve social well-being, enhance and protect the environment and support the local economy. The focus of the 2012 TGDS Program is a detailed list of measures upon which new development applications are evaluated during the development review process. As part of their development application, applicants are required to submit a checklist identifying what measures will be achieved, as well as an associated Sustainability Report to provide details on how the measures will be achieved. These materials are required as part of a complete application for all Secondary Plan, Community Design Plan, Draft Plan of Subdivision and Site Plan applications. The 2012 TGDS Program can be found here.

Why Review the Thinking Green! Development Standards Program?

To ensure that the TGDS Program is an effective tool in achieving the Town’s commitment to integrating sustainability into the planning process, the program, including both its measures and its implementation, needs to be periodically reviewed, streamlined and updated. These updates are required to ensure the TGDS Program responds to technology advancements, design innovation, and regulatory changes, including changes to legislation and code requirements.

Public Open House

The Town hosted a public open house on November 22, 2017 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Civic Centre (19000 Leslie Street) as part of its 2017 Review of the Thinking Green! Development Standards (TGDS) Program. Please find the display boards that were available at the open house here.

March 2018 Draft TGDS Program (Current Draft)

  • User Guide - provides an introduction to the Program, its theme areas and measures. The User Guide also explains how to use the TGDS Program, and includes a glossary of specific terms and helpful links.
  • Application Information Form - a template to be completed by the applicant, to create a record of basic information about the subject lands and proposed development. Applicants are required to include this form in their submission to the Town.
  • Pre-Consultation TGDS Checklist (Draft Plan of Subdivision and Site Plan) – a template that encourages applicants to design with the TGDS Program in mind by preliminarily identifying which measures the application plans to meet. Applicants will complete and submit this document as part of their Pre-Consultation meeting request to the Town.

  • TGDS Assessment (Draft Plan of Subdivision and Site Plan) – a template that requires applicants to provide detailed assessments of their development applications to identify what measures will be achieved and how they will be achieved. The TGDS Assessment must be submitted at the time of application submission, as it is part of a complete application

January 2018 Draft TGDS Program (Previous Draft)

October 2017 Draft TGDS Program (Previous Draft)

How Can I Provide Feedback?

Town Staff are looking for your input! Please review the current draft TGDS Program documents and provide your comments to:

Kaitlyn Graham, Planner

Town of East Gwillimbury
19000 Leslie Street, Sharon ON
L0G 1V0
Phone: 905-478-4283 ext.1287

To provide feedback on the TGDS program, please provide your email address and comments below:

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