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Fill Management Plan PIC


Rice Commercial Group Ltd. is hosted proposing to locate a fill operation located at 18725 McCowan Road and Mill Road.

Fill Management Plan PIC Map

If approved, the fill will be imported and placed in the former pit so that the site can be returned to an agricultural designation. The Fill Management Plan has been prepared in accordance with Fill By-law #2013-066 to support the application.

Residents are invited to view the proposal and provide comments on the permit application and fill management plan before any decisions are made on the application. 

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Next Steps

Council and staff held a public meeting at the 7 p.m. Council meeting on November 19, 2019. Staff and the applicant will review all the comments and questions received and will provide a future report responding to these items. The report is expected to come back on an evening Agenda in January/February 2020. If you would like to submit comments/concerns please contact the Town's Municipal Inspector, listed below.


Residents can contact:

  • Tyler Dukovic
    Municipal Inspector, Town of East Gwillimbury
    905-478-4282 ext. 1274