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Diversity and Inclusivity in East Gwillimbury

At the Committee on the Whole Council meeting on July 10, 2006,  R. Kamil Sadiq, of the Canadian Federation of Intercultural Friendship presented a Charter of Diversity for the Town of East Gwillimbury.

Danny Wheeler, Regional Councillor and Vice Chair of the Police Services Board introduced the presentation with a Character Community definition of Inclusiveness on behalf of D. Barrow, [Chair of the Canadian Federation of Intercultural Friendship], and read the Proclamation of Diversity and Inclusivity:

“This is an inclusive community where diversity is celebrated and inclusivity is embraced. East Gwillimbury commits itself to the process of creating an open and honest community that encourages its residents to reach their full potential. We will accomplish this by eliminating any cultural barriers and implementing changes so that everyone, regardless of race, colour, faith or origin can live, work and play in this Town and to enjoy all services, opportunities and positions of leadership.

East Gwillimbury values the principles of diversity, equity and accessibility consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights.  We will continuously abide by these principles and be collectively accountable to them as we work towards becoming an inclusive society.

Our commitment to becoming a fully inclusive community is grounded in the knowledge that York Region is made up of diverse communities which continue to evolve and develop over time. We understand that we are part of the larger community and agree to demonstrate leadership within York Region in a proactive and harmonious manner."