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Among the various land routes to the shores of Lake Simcoe, Yonge Street and its back concessions were perhaps most often chosen by travellers in the early days. "Queen Street", now Leslie Street, was one of these roads. It had also attracted a large group of Quakers who formed the community of Sharon and later prompted the settlement of another community to the north, originally known as Hackett's Corners but renamed to Queensville in 1843. The establishment of a school and post office was followed by the addition of a bank, hotels, various churches, several shops as well as a flour and grist mill.

Future Growth
Currently 750 people live within the Community of Queensville.  It is anticipated that Queensville will ultimately grow to a population of 30,000 people.  The Queensville Centre covers approximately 50 hectares and could accommodate over 46,000 square metres of commercial development, consisting of a wide range of retail activities. These commercial uses include: retail stores, department stores and supermarkets; hotels; restaurants; business and professional offices, including medical offices; business and personal service uses; medical clinics, religious, recreational, educational and cultural facilities; and police and fire services.  Over 200 hectares of Employment Area has been identified along the Highway 404 extension which is anticipated to generate approximately 12,000 jobs.  Lands have also been designated for a post-secondary institution within Queensville, on the north side of the Queensville Sideroad, east of Leslie Street.