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Mount Albert

As the first settlers were arriving at the oldest villages of East Gwillimbury, the only indication of human presence in the eastern section of the municipality was an Algonquin Indian trail which ran north-south over "the hill"; the location of present day Mount Albert. This area was originally settled by a small number of Quakers in 1821. It wasn't long until more bush was cleared for settlement and the Indian trail was widened to form Centre Street. Growth was slow in the beginning, consisting of farms and a few homes but by the mid-1800's the village included several houses, grist, flour, wool and lumber mills, a tannery, churches, schools, several shops and two hotels. Additional historic information can be found at

Future Growth
The current population of Mount Albert is about 4,200 residents.  It is expected that the build out of the community will result in an overall residential population of roughly 6,000 people.   Under the Village Core provisions of the Town’s Official Plan, Centre Street remains an area for potential redevelopment opportunities.